With the rising complexity of treatments, collaboration between different professional groups is increasingly becoming a factor for success in the provision of health care. This is the conclusion of the report published by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) in 2011: «Future job profiles of doctors and carers in outpatient and clinical practice». One of the recommendations of this report is the development of a charter for the collaboration of health-care specialists.

Given the shortage of health-care specialists and the increasingly demanding nature of treatments, teamwork is constantly gaining in importance; the distribution of tasks in the health-care system will therefore orient itself in future less towards hierarchical or class-based criteria or those associated with a formal title, but rather towards whoever has the required skills.

The «Collaboration of specialists in the health-care system» charter was published in November 2014. It is intended to serve as a foundation for interprofessional collaboration and is oriented towards specialists, professional associations and institutions that are active in the provision of health care. The charter introduces principles, formulates core elements and obligations and describes appropriate measures for implementation in an additional chapter. Download the document in German:


The charter is primarily directed at specialists, professional associations and institutions that are active in the provision of health care; it is intended to serve as a basis for the desired cultural shift. At the same time, the charter will support the numerous initiatives in the health-care system directed towards the collaboration of health-care specialists (incl. the strategy for palliative care, strategy for dementia and strategy against cancer).

The SAMS supports the implementation of the charter with various measures. In summer 2015, it commissioned a legal opinion to clarify the extent of medical liability. In spring 2016, it conducted two conferences in German- and French-speaking Switzerland each on the topic of «How can interprofessionality succeed?». With a series of events launched in autumn 2016, the SAMS deepens one aspect of interprofessionality each year and offers a platform for exchange and networking. At this annual event, «best practice» examples are awarded the «SAMS Prize on Interprofessionality».


Interprofessionality in the health-care system: Federal promotion programme

In February 2016, the Federal Council published a document regarding the promotion of education and further training of doctors and other health-care professionals. It contains important guidelines regarding a greater number of openings in education institutions for prospective students and describes how the necessary financial resources can be obtained. Politics is thus addressing the fundamental requirements which, from the point of view of the SAMS, are essential for guaranteeing the sustainability of the health-care system in Switzerland.


«Interprofessionality in health care» promotion programme



lic. phil. Valérie Clerc
Secretary General