Central Ethics Committee

The Central Ethics Committee (CEC) of the SAMS identifies and discusses ethical challenges arising in medicine. It takes account of developments at the national and international level and promotes the exchange of information and collaboration with the relevant institutions.

The CEC meets as often as business requires, but generally four times a year. Under its regulations (in French or in German), its two main responsibilities are as follows:

  • commenting on medical-ethical questions addressed to the SAMS by public or private institutions, or by individuals, in response to current events and
  • developing medical-ethical guidelines to provide guidance for clinical practice or biomedical research.


Further information, including current members and annual reports of the CEC, can be found under Committees (German page).






lic. theol., dipl. biol. Sibylle Ackermann
Head Department Ethics
Tel. +41 31 306 92 73