Research in Palliative Care

With this funding programme, the SAMS – in partnership with the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation and the Gottfried and Julia Bangerter-Rhyner Stiftung – wishes to promote the development and expansion of palliative care research in Switzerland. To this end, the Johnson Foundation and the Bangerter-Stiftung have made available CHF 1 million per year in funding for the period 2014–2017. One additional, last, call is open in 2018.

The following funding instruments are available:


A: Project funding

  • Max. CHF 80'000.– per year for up to 3 years


B: Personal scholarships/loans:

  • Research stay abroad for young scientists in the palliative care research field, max. CHF 40,000 per person per year, for up to 2 years


What areas are eligible for support?

The term «palliative care research» covers a wide range of research questions, including in particular:

  • symptom control (respiratory distress, neuropsychiatric symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, pain)
  • psychosocial and spiritual support (quality of life, meaning, relatives)
  • ethical issues (vulnerable populations; end-of-life decisions, autonomy, suicide)
  • infrastructure (inpatient/outpatient care, interfaces)


Evaluation of applications

Applications are reviewed by an Expert Committee, which decides which of the proposals should be passed to the Board of the Johnson Foundation or Bangerter‑Stiftung with a recommendation for funding.


Submission of applications


Applications can be submitted in English, French or German. Detailed participation requirements and evaluation criteria can be found in the program regulations.


The last submission deadline is 1 June 2018 . Decisions will be communicated until the end of November. Awarded grants can start in December 2018 at the earliest.


Online registration

Expert Committee (in German)


Regulations «Forschung in Palliative Care» (in German)


Synopsis of funded projects





Dr. Myriam Tapernoux
Head of Department