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17 January 2023: Robert Bing Prize

Robert Bing Prize goes to Cristina Granziera, Mira Katan Kahles and Johannes Gräff


More information on the Robert Bing Prize can be found here.




Prof. Cristina Granziera, Basel


Prof. Mira Katan Kahles, Basel, Zürich


Prof. Johannes Gräff, Lausanne



Media releases 2022

30 August 2022: Collaboration between medical professionals and industry

Revised guidelines published by the SAMS


The guidelines and more information on this subject can be found here.



28 June 2022: Reducing the environmental impact of health services

SAMS position paper entitled «Promotion of health services respecting planetary boundaries» – download the media release in French or German.


The position paper and more information on the subject «Environment and health» can be found here.



23 June 2022: Stern-Gattiker Prize

The Stern-Gattiker Prize is awarded jointly to Vanessa Banz (Bern) and Susanne Wegener (Zürich) – download the media release in French or German.


More information on the Stern-Gattiker Prize can be found here.



13 January 2022: Théodore Ott Prize

The Théodore Ott Prize 2022 is awarded to Prof. Burkhard Becher


More information on the Théodore Ott Prize can be found here.



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Former media releases can be found here.





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