National MD-PhD program: revised regulations

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SPHN: Collaboration agreements with all five University Hospitals

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) is a national initiative led by SAMS. It contributes to the development, implementation and validation of a coordinated data infrastructure in order to make health-relevant data usable in Switzerland for research. Collaboration agreements have been concluded recently with all five University Hospitals.

The overarching goal of the SPHN initiative is to promote personalized health and health research by making health-related data shareable and exchangeable in order to better prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Patient data plays a key role in this endeavor. With their common collaboration agreements all five University Hospitals have sent a strong signal to support the SPHN initiative. More information on the framework conditions, goals and instruments of the SPHN can be found online.

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Research in neurological sciences: call for proposals

After a few years’ interruption due to the unfavourable stock market situation, returns from the Théodore Ott Fund are again sufficient to launch a call for proposals. In 2018, a total of CHF 200’000.– is available to support research in neurological sciences. Submission deadline is 1 April 2018.

In accordance with the wishes of the donor, grants supported by the Théodore Ott Fund are primarily intended for young scientists or research groups who want to carry out a research project at a Swiss higher education institution. Applications must be written in English and registered online. Details regarding the application format and submission procedure can be found on the registration page.

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Our work relies on the time and commitment of a large network of volunteers

This is no news for anyone, 2017 is about to come to an end. It is time for SAMS to thank all those who have graciously put their time and knowledge to its disposal.

Throughout the year we have informed you through our website about activities which could not have been possible without close collaboration with many partners in the fields of medicine, science and politics and without the voluntary commitment of the members of the Executive Board, the Senate, the Central Ethics Committee and the numerous groups of experts who make the Academy a respected and recognized institution in the Swiss health system. SAMS is counting on their commitment and that of all its partners to continue fulfilling its missions in 2018.



Robert Bing Prize in neurosciences 2018 : call for applications

Every two years, the SAMS awards the Robert Bing Prize for outstanding achievements in neurosciences from the fund established by the Basel neurologist Robert Bing. The call for proposals is open until March 2018.

Scientists and physicians (up to 45 years) doing research in basic, translational or clinical neurosciences are eligible for the Prize. Candidates should be Swiss or have been working in Switzerland for a significant amount of time. The prize amounts to CHF 50'000.–, the next submission deadline is 1 March 2018.

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The Swiss Personalized Health Network supports 15 projects with CHF 15.7 million

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) coordinates the development,  implementation and validation of the data infrastructure necessary to make health-related data interoperable and shareable across Switzerland. In June 2017, SPHN has launched the first call for proposals to support research projects contributing to this objective.

For this first call for proposals, a total of 38 applications were received. Based on the recommendation of its International Advisory Board, SPHN decided to support 15 projects for a total amount of CHF 15.66 million. An overview of the funded projects is published on the SPHN website, a second call for proposals is foreseen in 2018.

Factsheet: SPHN at a Glance PDF

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Valérie Clerc is the new Secretary General of SAMS

In June 2017, the Executive Board appointed Valérie Clerc General Secretary of SAMS. On 1 November, she is taking over from Hermann Amstad, who will leave SAMS at the end of the month after 18 years of cooperation.

The press release dated July 4, 2017 contains more information on Valérie Clerc’s career. Contact details of all SAMS employees can be found on our website under «Portrait».

Press release (German): Valérie Clerc wird Generalsekretärin der SAMW PDF

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Four research projects supported by the Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fund

The KZS Fund provides funding for research projects in biomedical ethics. The 2017 call for proposals focused on the «Impact of digitalization on the patients and health professionals relationship». The Expert Committee selected 4 projects out of the 28 submitted applications.

A total of about CHF 250'000.– was available to the Expert Committee who decided to support 4 projects after a careful scientific evaluation. An overview of supported projects since 2007 can be found in the synopsis. The next call will be launched in 2018, details will be published on our website.

Synopsis of funded projects PDF

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Strengthening biomedical research for the benefit of European citizens

Europe is facing a number of major healthcare challenges, particularly as a result of an ageing population. To master these challenges, joint research activites in biomedical and clinical research across the European Union are needed. In a recent position paper, FEAM postulates five key points to overcome current gaps. As a member of FEAM, the SAMS supports these efforts.

The Federation of European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) and the Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe have united to strengthen biomedical research in Europe. In their recently published position paper they call upon the EU, that the support of biomedical research has to be a key priority for the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. To learn more, download the position paper or visit the FEAM website.

Strengthening biomedical research for the benefit of European citizens PDF

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