Medical-ethical Guidelines

With its guidelines on medical ethics, the SAMS's central ethics committee provides doctors and other healthcare professionals with specific assistance for medical practice and biomedical research.

Please note that the medical-ethical guidelines are also available in Italian.

Previously valid guidelines remain available in the archive


Decisions on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (2021)

Preimplantation genetic testing PGT (2020)

Ethics training for health professionals (2019)

Assessment of capacity in medical practice (2019)



Management of dying and death (2018)

Care and treatment of people with dementia (2017)

Determination of Death with Regard to Organ Transplantation and Preparations for Organ Removal (2017)


Appendices F and G are an integral part of the Guidelines but are only available as separate PDF files.

Coercive measures in medicine (2015)

Distinguishing between standard treatment and experimental treatment in individual cases (2014, updated 2015)

Medical practice in respect of detained persons (2002, updated 2013, appendix lit. G amended 2015, appendix lit. H amended 2018)

Intensive-care interventions (2013, guidelines «Triage for intensive-care treatment under resource scarcity» amended 2020)

Collaboration between the medical profession and industry (2013)

Ethics support in medicine (2012)

Advance directives (2009, updated 2013)

Medical treatment and care of people with disabilities (2008, updated 2013)

Palliative Care (2006, updated 2013)





lic. theol., dipl. biol. Sibylle Ackermann
Head Department Ethics a.i.

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