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Further procedure

We kindly ask you to read the FAQ carefully before preparing your application. To complete the submission, please send the following documents compiled as a single pdf file to


  • Motivation letter of the applicant (max. 1.5 page) with:
    • Career plan
    • Description of the education in clinical research planned during the supported period (type of courses and expected degree).
    • If applicable, the reasons for requesting an extension of the eligibility window must be explained.
  • CV of the applicant (max. 3 pages) must be structured in the following sections: 1) pregraduate period, 2) MD thesis period (if applicable), and 3) postgraduate period; and include:
    • Previous activities
    • Scientific achievements
    • If applicable, list of publications and other scientific output, each item clearly attributed to one of the aforementioned periods.
    • All dates must include month and year.


  • Project summary (max. 1 page) with background, aims, design and methods.


  • Detailed research plan, elaborated with the mentor (max. 6 pages including tables and figures, excluding bibliographic references. Min. font size 10, min. single line spacing), with:
    • Current state of research
    • Aims
    • Relevance of the proposed research
    • Role of the applicant in the project
    • NB: For projects that are embedded in or closely related to a larger research project (for instance, the mentor's SNSF project), the relationship between the two projects must be described and the output expected from the YTCR grant described (e.g., a first-author paper).
    • Detailed methodology
    • Planned experiments
    • Milestones and timetable
    • NB: For project grants, the expected broadening and consolidation of the research skills acquired during the beginner grant period must be explicit.



  • Budget for beginner grant specifying:
    • The time reserved for research (in percentage) during the grant period (in months)
    • The corresponding requested amount
    • Requested and available third-party funds (if applicable).
    • NB: The amount granted to cover the salary of the grantee for his or her research activities depends on the local salary range of the host institution and must include the social contributions of the employer. This needs to be clarified by the applicant before submitting the application.
    • Consumables, equipment, and fees for trainings, conferences, and publications cannot be covered by a YTCR beginner grant.


  • Budget for project grant specifying:
    • The detailed requested budget in annual instalments (1 instalment per project year)
    • All requested and available third-party funds (if available)
    • The time reserved for research during the grant period, covered by the host institution (percentage and corresponding salary).


  • Written confirmation from the mentor guaranteeing, for the entire duration of the grant:
    • Personal supervision of the grantee
    • Integration into the research activities of the host institution
    • Access to the necessary infrastructure
    • Amount of financial support offered (consumables, etc.)
    • The mentor is expected to comment on the project and provide a position or funding options to support the applicant for his or her next career steps beyond the grant period.


  • Written confirmation from the clinic director guaranteeing, for the entire duration of the grant:
    • That the requested research time will be freed up from clinical activities during the entire support period.
    • For project grants, the corresponding salary must be covered by the host institution and guaranteed in writing.


  • Up to 2 reference letters (optional).


  • Copies of all relevant diplomas.
    • If the medical degree was obtained outside of Switzerland, a copy of the medical diploma(s) from the country of origin must be submitted too.
    • For project grants: only necessary for diplomas obtained since the application for the beginner grant.


  • If applicable, copy of ethics committee’s decision and other authorisations.


Incomplete submissions will not be considered.



Dr. Sarah Vermij
Scientific coordinator

Currently absent, replaced by Dr. Myriam Tapernoux: | +41 31 306 92 76