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Getting trained and planning a career as a clinical researcher can be challenging. One of the hurdles is the access to relevant information: Which path to follow? Which trainings to attend? What kind of career support and funding instruments exist locally and nationally? This information was until today heterogeneous, scattered over the different websites of institutions active in the field, and sometimes only partially accessible. The Clinical Research Careers web portal, launched in September 2021, provides all relevant information in one place.

With their joint project, the SAMS, the association Médecine Universitaire Suisse (unimedsuisse) and the Education Platform of the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO, project leader) aim at guiding young physicians throughout their career in clinical research by offering:

  •  a «Career tracks» page providing information on typical career paths;
  • searchable databases offering quick and centralised access to career support and funding instruments, mentoring programmes, and postgraduate training opportunities in Switzerland;
  • a catalogue of competencies to acquire along their career path;
  • inspiring portraits of clinical researchers complementing the databases and presenting potential career tracks to follow.


The web portal is an output of the Federal Office of Public Health’s Roadmap for the next generation of clinical researchers to facilitate career progression of young clinical researchers and medical students interested in research and to promote the overarching goal of improving Switzerland’s status as a center of biomedical research and technology.


Explore the Clinical Research Careers portal on cr-careers.ch






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