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With the rising complexity of medical treatments, collaboration between different professional groups is increasingly becoming a factor for success in the provision of healthcare. In recent years, interprofessional collaboration (IPC) has become an increasingly important requirement. The SAMS supports these efforts in various ways.

Studies show that by encouraging IPC, the quality of medical care can be increased and resources better managed. However, the implementation of IPC also faces major challenges, in light of the different roles medical professionals play and relating to issues of the division of competences or attribution of responsibility.


The «Collaboration of Specialists in the Healthcare System» Charter was published by the SAMS in 2014. It is intended to serve as a reference for interprofessional collaboration and is destined to help guide specialists, professional associations and institutions that provide healthcare.


Since 2016, the SAMS has focused each year on one aspect of IPC by organizing symposia that offer a platform for exchange and networking. At this annual event, «best practice» examples are awarded the «SAMS Prize on Interprofessionality».


Conferences on interprofessionality


Studies on interprofessionality



Interprofessionality in the healthcare system: Federal promotion programme

In February 2016, the Federal Council published a document regarding the promotion of education and further training of doctors and other healthcare professionals. It contains important guidelines regarding a greater number of openings in education institutions for prospective students and describes how the necessary financial resources can be obtained. Politics is thus addressing the fundamental requirements which, from the point of view of the SAMS, are essential for guaranteeing the sustainability of the healthcare system in Switzerland.


«Interprofessionality in healthcare» promotion programme





MSc Andrea Kern
Scientific Collaborator