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Since the early 2000s the SAMS has published several studies related to the development of interprofessionality in Switzerland, including basic documents such as the Charter on the Collaboration Between Healthcare Professionals.

2020: «Interprofessional collaboration in the healthcare system» Charter 2.0

2020: «Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare: Critical Dimensions and Supporting Measures»

2020: «Clinical Preceptorship for Advanced Nurse Practitionners MSc»

2018: SAMS Bulletin n° 3/2018, dedicated to interprofessional collaboration, reviews the current situation and future potential in Switzerland

2017: «The Practice of Successful Interprofessional Collaboration»

2015: «The medical liability in the context of interprofessional collaboration»

Read more about this legal opinion commissioned by the SAMS



2014: «Collaboration of Specialists in the Healthcare System» Charter

2011/2007: «Future job profiles of doctors and careers in outpatient and clinical practice»

2004: «Goals and missions of medicine at the beginning of the 21st century»





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